Saturday June 2nd, 2018 - The Bark River Emergency Services in conjunction with The Lisbon Fire Department and Safe And Fast Etrication are hosting the 2nd Annual S.A.F.E.ty Dayz event. Complete Team Packet, Event Flyer and Registration Form are now available. If you, your company or organization would like to sponsor this event, you can find the Sponsorship form here. Thank you for supporting our mission!




SAFE’s Mission:
Safe And Fast Extrication, Inc. is a 501©3 non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and reducing the suffering of victims by bringing qualified, trained and certified rescue personnel to the scene of a vehicle collision.

What is Safe And Fast Extrication?

Safe And Fast Extrication, Inc. was formed to research, develop and implement advanced vehicle extrication training that meets the rescue challenges and rapid changes in today’s vehicle design.   

Advanced vehicle extrication training provided by Safe And Fast Extrication is designed to bring rescuers together to work at an equal level using a systematic approach for team development and problem solving scenarios which challenges the rescuers to perform and expedite a safe and fast extrication.

What is extrication?

Extrication is the removal of vehicle, metal and debris to disentangle entrapped victims of vehicle collisions. 

The Problem?

Despite progress, motor vehicle crashes result in more than 40,000 fatalities and three million injuries each year in the United States.  Vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death of children.  Surviving a motor vehicle crash is dependent on the severity of the crash and the injuries incurred, but it is also dependent on the access to a highly trained rescue team.  As vehicle technology advances, methods for vehicle extrication lag further and further behind.  No two crashes are the same, and each crash can pose unique challenges for the rescue personnel.   Therefore, it is critical that emergency personnel be properly trained to save time during a vehicle extrication rescue and can make the difference between life and death. 

Safe And Fast Extrication (SAFE) – Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW)
Research and Development

SAFE and the researchers at the Medical College Of Wisconsin continue to explore ways to improve outcomes for victims of automobile crashes; thereby enhancing team skills of emergency responders to reduce the time it takes to get victims to trauma centers, as well as improving techniques for stabilization of the spinal cord during a vehicle extrication. 

The MCW Biomechanics Laboratory is the only site in the world in an academic setting consisting of a full scale vehicle crash laboratory, sled simulator, crash dummies, and sophisticated monitoring equipment.   This partnership builds on translating what has been learned as part of this research into an educational environment that can be disseminated to emergency rescue personnel through SAFE’s advanced vehicle extrication training program.

Saving lives needs to be a top priority! 
By supporting SAFE’s mission, more lives will be saved…perhaps even your own!